We have created a new work unit that produces and packages candies in different presentations. The huge success of these products has meant that instead of working solely for individuals now 80% of our business is for companies.

We started with candy cakes for children’s birthday parties, baptisms and weddings, enjoying great success. Later, we began offering other presentations, including candy kebabs, Christmas trees and other products created with candies.

All the employees of this unit have completed a food handling course to ensure that all products are impeccably presented and meet the strictest standards of quality and hygiene.

Our efforts have been rewarded with clients such as El Corte Inglés and Grupo Vips, who rely on us to be their regular suppliers, with all the quality requirements and professionalism that this entails.

In this respect, candy makers such as Miguelañez and Oomuombo outsource the handling services of their products to our workers. Thanks to our automated assembly line designed by our production team, a large number of workers who need a higher degree of support are working at the unit, and these adaptations mean they achieve enviable productivity, generating 590,000 units a year.

Over 100 people with intellectual disabilities have work contracts and 160 are being trained in our protected employment projects

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