We are very proud to say that we have been working with the Spanish postal service, Correos, for more than 20 years. Perhaps through its letters, stamps, postmen and women we have become part of your life too.

Mail sacks and boxes

It’s always a great day when you get a letter! A letter from a friend, a relative, a loved one… The new world of telecommunications means that the post is not what it used to be. But at Fundación A LA PAR we work to maintain that illusion.

A great number of foreign and Spanish mail sacks arrive at our Post Office depot every day to be classified, along with plastic trays to be washed.

The foreign mail sacks are classified and returned to their country of origin. The domestic mail sacks are also sorted and pressed onto pallets. The cloth sacks are washed and repaired. We also wash and repair mail delivery bags and satchels, and motorcyclists’ anoraks and helmets for all mail distribution centres in Spain.

The plastic trays are washed in our industrial tunnel washers and we repair cracked trays too.

The annual figures are clear proof of how efficient our employees are.

People with intellectual disabilities CAN if they get the necessary support!

– No. of mail sacks classified, washed and repaired: 1,890,230
– No. of repaired, washed and disinfected trays: 1,211,770


Every stamp has a story. There are many collections, colours, sizes and shapes of stamps. At Fundación A LA PAR, we also have a workshop where various philatelic products are assembled for stamp collectors.

This is complicated and painstaking work in which about 7,000,000 units a year are handled, including stamps and miniature sheets.

Every quarter, the Spanish postal service’s Philatelic Service sends its new issues to us, which we then cut manually and place into plastic display sleeves to be sent by Correos to subscribers and stamp collectors. We deal with 240,000 sleeves a year, with 3,000,000 units cut and handled.

This is very demanding work, as there cannot be any tears or irregularities in the perforations and stamps.

We also work with larger size stamps, called Miniature Sheets, Sheetlets and Carnets, which are carefully pasted onto a special envelope called a First Day Cover.

Most of these stamps are pasted using a sponge moistened in water to ensure that bubbles do not appear. (Approximately 170,000 are pasted annually.) Correos then postmarks them with the words “First Day of Circulation” and sends them to its philatelic subscribers and to fulfil orders from collectors.

We also cut all the stamps for the philatelic product known as the “Annual Book” published by Correos, containing all the stamps issued during that year. These stamps are placed in custom-made stamp folders along with a written description of the stamp and its history.


Over 100 people with intellectual disabilities have work contracts and 160 are being trained in our protected employment projects

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