The Pardo-Valcarce Occupational Therapy Centre was founded in 1991. It is now known as the A LA PAR Occupational Therapy Centre. It offers young people with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to do job training, and therefore helps them enter the labour market in the future. At first it was only for students finishing their studies at the Niño Jesús del Remedio Special Education Centre, but it was later extended to any young person with intellectual disabilities who needed it.

The Centre has been subsidised by the Community of Madrid since 1 March 2002, and since then it has been run in accordance with the laws of this Community. It currently offers 122 subsidised places plus 20 private ones. The training available is adapted to the interests and needs of each of the students, who acquire the skills and the working pace required to work in an ordinary company.

To attain these objectives, the workshops offer:


A fixed monthly incentive for each user, which may be increased for excellent attendance, punctuality, work, camaraderie, and compliance with standards.
The tokens of this in-house economic system are called “Fuencarrales”.

Employment Office and Special Employment Centres:

When a user has acquired the aforesaid skills and pace of work, the next step is to find them a job, either in a Special Employment Centre or in an ordinary company.


Every Friday the monitors and users of each workshop meet to discuss what has happened during the week and try to resolve any possible problems.

Personal development groups:

According to their needs, the users of the Occupational Therapy Centre work in groups on different skills so that they can become more independent: these include managing money, transportation, new technologies, self-control...

Representatives’ meeting:

Every three months, the representatives chosen by the users of each workshop get together to come up with ways to improve and increase satisfaction.

Psychosocial area:

Users and their families are given assistance to develop and attain life goals through a personalised plan.

Monasterio de las Huelgas, 15.
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School subsidised by the Social Affairs Department of the Community of Madrid.