The UAVDI is a free resource offered by Fundación A LA PAR to all victims of abuse with intellectual disabilities who require this service.
To reach even more people who need our support, we need your help.

Some of the services offered by the UAVDI are subsidised by different organisations and authorities like the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. All additional resources needed to run this service are provided by Fundación A LA PAR.

Fundación A LA PAR is covered by Law 49/2002 on patronage, so all your contributions are subject to the respective tax deductions*

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You can also send your donation to the following account number: IBAN ES56 0128 0067 7301 0002 4033

Please mention “UAVDI Donation”. If you require a donation certificate, please contact us at:

Charitable Projects

Over recent years, we have set up a wide range of activities which guarantee profits that can be reinvested in A LA PAR’s work in society.